1031/33 State Street :: The Lincoln Building

The building on the northeast corner of 11th and State was built around 1905 by local entrepreneur, Jacob Roth. This building was constructed around the same time as a number of other buildings in this section of downtown Erie by the same man including: the Roth building (only ever described as being on the NorthContinue reading “1031/33 State Street :: The Lincoln Building”

Lincoln Ave with Liz: A Historic Walk Through a One-of-a-Kind Neighborhood

By: Erin Phillips (with Liz Allen) “Keep your eyes open and your feet moving forward. You’ll find what you need.” This graffitied sentiment is spray-painted on the side of the old Hollywood Ceramics building on 13th and Lincoln streets in the row house community there. These words can take on a lot of meaning, butContinue reading “Lincoln Ave with Liz: A Historic Walk Through a One-of-a-Kind Neighborhood”