509 W 7th St // The Diehl-Kimmel-Caravaglia House

Photos of home and interior contributed by Patrick Fisher 509 W 7th Street was likely built around 1909 by George and Anna Diehl. George F. Diehl was born February 8, 1861 and died April 24, 1928 (at 67 years old).  His parents were Frederick and Barbara (Doll) Diehl.  Frederick owned a boot and shoe shopContinue reading “509 W 7th St // The Diehl-Kimmel-Caravaglia House”

Erie Home History Research Presentation

This is the entirety of the talk I presented for the Erie County Public Library on July 17, 2021. In it, I go through the steps I use when researching an old home or property. I should, hopefully, provide you with some tips for using internet resources to research the history of your Erie CountyContinue reading “Erie Home History Research Presentation”

317 Frontier Drive // Weber Semple House

317 Frontier Drive was built in 1927 by the RB Way Company, who initially had their offices in the Commerce Building in downtown Erie. They referred to their homes as “WayBuilt” and were responsible for building homes in a number of neighborhoods in Erie, particularly in the area south of 26th Street near the SigsbeeContinue reading “317 Frontier Drive // Weber Semple House”

262 W 3rd St :: The Tallman House

I initially researched this property for Preservation Erie’s 2021 Endangered Properties List, but found that, although it hasn’t been occupied since at least the mid 1990s, it has been maintained enough to keep it standing, it meets all code requirements, recently had a new roof, and the owner has no intention to sell or demolishContinue reading “262 W 3rd St :: The Tallman House”